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I just wanted to give you an update on our “Adopt A Musician” program. I have talked with Eckroth Music and they have agreed to work with us for a rental program.

Here are their monthly prices for student instruments: Percussion: $25 Flute/Clarinet: $25 Trumpet/Trombone: $30 Alto Sax: $49 Euphonium: $59 Oboe/Tenor Sax: $59 French Horn: $59

I am in a conversation with Eckroth to see if they would be willing to also provide this program with not just “beginner” instruments but maybe a bit higher quality “intermediate” instruments.

Either way, they only deal with very good brands (ie Yamaha, Conn, Selmer, etc) and also provide repair service.

I have no information at this point about how many months this rental agreement is for and I do know they provide a price break if it is all paid in full but don’t have all those details nailed down either.

My need currently includes 3 clarinets, 3 trombones, 2 trumpets. Needs beyond the rental program include a tuba, an oboe, a bass clarinet, a baritone saxophone and a set of timpani. These, of course, are considerably more. We are also currently fundraising for our HS Band trip to California in April.

This includes a 2 hour clinic with the faculty at UNLV in Las Vegas and a recording clinic at Disneyland. Taking 55 band kids on a a five day trip is both amazing and overwhelming but the opportunity is too great to pass up.

We so appreciate your support. I often feel like I am fighting the “good fight” all by myself so having the support of the people of Rotary makes me feel like I’m not drowning!

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