Where are they now? Ross Coleman

Ross Coleman, Bigfork High School’s 2016 Valedictorian, made it to state finals in the discus and shot put, finishing fourth with the metal Frisbee.

As a sophomore, he played and marched in the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade in New York City, a feat to be matched Nov. 24 by BHS sophomore alto saxophonist Alexandra Broughten.

Coleaman played in the BHS pep band from sixth grade through his senior year.

Just five months since collecting his high school sheepskin, Coleman is in the University of Montana’s Spirit Squad where he jacks up the crowd and even carries the over-sized “M” flag.

The following are some observations from the enthusiastic Griz fosh.

ON BEING VALEDICTORIAN “The biggest challenge I faced in being the Valedictorian was being committed. Being a year-round athlete, student council, National Honors Society, band, and all of my other activities, it became a challenge to stay committed to doing my best. It was an honor to earn that distinction, especially because that was one of my main goals I created for myself my freshman year of high school.”

ON HOW BHS PREPARED HIM FOR COLLEGE “Working hard at BHS has helped me at UM because I know what it feels like to be stressed all of the time, I know what it is like to have to manage my time so that I have time for everything.”


“I was on the spirit squad at BHS my junior and senior years. I wanted to be part of the squad at UM because they are a phenomenal squad and I felt that I had a natural talent in cheer and I absolutely love to cheer.”

LONG TERM GOALS “My long term goals are to get my bachelor’s in mathematics with an option in secondary education at UM. I would like to teach in Montana, preferably back in Bigfork and when I become a teacher I will get my MA online and eventually become an athletic director.”

ADVICE FOR HIS SUCCESSORS “Make the most of everything that high school has to offer. High school is your last chance at being a kid with few responsibilities!”

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