D.C. or Bust!

Braeden Guse and about 20 of his classmates will spend part of their spring in Washington, D.C. if they can raise enough money.

That’s why Guse, a seventh grader, and his mother spent part of their fall selling raffle tickets at Bigfork Harvest Foods. For a mere $5 per ticket, anyone can enter a raffle drawing for a dreamy king-size handmade quilt created and donated by Braeden’s grandma, Mary Guse of Swan Lake. Braeden said he was really looking forward to the upcoming trip. It will be the first time he will travel on an airplane and his first time in D.C. “We are going to learn about government and history,” Braeden said. Traveling students will visit Mount Vernon and downtown D.C. along with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he said. For Braeden, selling raffle tickets is a great way to achieve his travel goal. The Bigfork Middle School trip is organized by Julie Bonner, school librarian and is planned for the middle of April. The Guse family will sell raffle tickets until their drawing on Dec. 15. Participants do not need to be present to win the quilt. Braeden will contact the winner. Students will continue to raise money both individually and as a group until everyone’s trip is paid off.

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