More than cookies

It took three years to complete our cookbook, ‘Cooking With The Girl Scouts.’ The cookbook is filled with pictures from our Girl Scouts camp in June and many others, plus great recipes.

Each of the recipes were prepared and taste tested by the girls. We had many recipies of o

ne kind like deviled eggs. There were 17 recipes total. Each one was prepared and the girls decided which one they wanted in the book. The unanimous decision was Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs submitted by Judy Van Nice Bolstad.

Judy was a GS many years ago and she and her husband Phil Bolstad support our troop greatly. It goes to show, once a GS always a GS. Our project took the girls from the first publishing point all the way through to the printed version you can purchase on Amazon today. Thus making all the GS involved in the entire project published authors.

Our Bigfork authors are: Amanda Leonard, Avery Johnston, Calista Marino, Gabrielle Thorsen, Jennifer Whitney, Kendhal Sherman, Tinley Ernhart, Acacia Otten, Destiny Otten, Destiny Shaner, Eilis Hatch, Gwen Wiese, Jenna Reynoso, Savannah Monroe, Sierra Truckey, Josie Primm

On Dec. 10, many of our cookbook authors will be at Harvest Foods selling the cookbooks and our GS troop ornaments

The girls designed the ornament using an actual Samoa GS cookie. Gabrielle’s dad, artist Eric Thorsen, did all the hard work.

The finished product is an ornament that will decorate your tree forever.

We have great troop leaders this year: Caity and Rodney Ernhart and Courtnie Marino. Our parents are wonderful. Scouting is more than just a troop it is an entire community endeavor.

Since our first meeting in October we have already earned one badge and are working on the second. Plus by the second week of December we will have earned our third.

Last year Acacia and Destiny Otten earned their GS Silver Award. This is the second highest award in GS. The first being The Gold Award.

This year Sierra Truckey and Eilis Hatch will earn the Silver Award and Tinley Ernhart will earn the Bronze. Each level from Brownies (2nd & 3rd graders), Juniors (4th & 5th) Cadettes (6th, 7th & 8th) and Seniors (9th & 10th) have the opportunity to earn this award.

We are very proud of our girls and the work they do in the community.

(Photos from Marie Duncan-Wagers)

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