Saving Sisters

The Save a Sister initiative is a collaboration

among Kalispell Regional Healthcare, North Valley Hospital and the Flathead City-County Health Department whose mission is to reduce the impact of breast cancer in the community. Kalispell Regional Medical Healthcare’s

Mobile Mammogram Truck, Save A Sister and Bigfork Harvest Foods teamed up to give free mammograms in the Bigfork Harvest Foods parking Nov. 17. Save A Sister’s goals are to raise funds to improve women’s access to screening mammography, educate the community, and promote breast cancer awareness and prevention through outreach activities. Save a Sister also supports postoperative durable goods that often are not paid for by insurance. All funds stay in the local area. Above, SAS Director Muffie Thomson talks with Bigfork’s Cid Wolstein about the mammogram procedure. Below, Bigfork’s sassy Sandi Sire (below) talks to a tech in the Mobile Mammogram Truck. “Prevention is everything, Sire said. “I watched my mother suffer through Ovarian Cancer. She always told me that the cure was worse than the disease. I get checked every year and I am due for a mammogram. The bus is very convenient and I don’t have to drive to Kalispell.”

Photos by Beagle Correspondent Kim Coleman

Contact Save a Sister at: (406) 751-7524 * (877) 399-0384

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