Where are they now? Chance Kittle

What did you do at BHS? In High School I ran Cross Country and Track, I was in choir, and Student Body all four years.

What are your hobbies now? I have always been big on outdoors, running, climbing, camping, hiking, really anything adventurous.

Where are you now? Currently at Boise State University in Boise Idaho. I am a Health Science Major with a Minor in Business, and Pre-Physical Therapy. Currently I am vice President of Sigma Chi Fraternity on Campus. I am in charge of our big philanthropic event Derby Days, where we host a week-long fundraiser for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, last year was my first year in charge and we raised just over $20,000 the 13th Sigma Chi Fraternity to ever do so.

What do you do away from academics? In the first semester of my college freshman year, I walked on to the track team here at BSU for the 400m and ran with some of the best in the nation, and made some great friends and some of the best people around, and got to travel a bit. I am no longer running because I just want to focus on other things than sports. Last year I recorded well over 100 hours of community service and weekly go out to volunteer in really anything. The latest thing was dressing up as elves and handed presents out to Boise school districts. Volunteering is a huge passion of mine and I love to help out as much as possible. I really encourage people to go volunteer.

What are your short-term and long-term goals? Short-Term goal would be to graduate from BSU and move on to Graduate School to get my MD in Physical Therapy. My long-term goal would be to travel the world, and then come back and open my own practice where I decide to settle down.

What is your advice to BHS students? Work hard! No one is there to hold your hand in college. Work your butt of and at times it may seem you may go nowhere but all the hard work pays off. Whether it be academics, sports, volunteering, just be involved and work hard at what you love.

What was the pop social fad when you were in high school? Gonna be honest my friends and I did not really follow pop-social fads. We were all too focused on our own personal goals.

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