JUNIOR AT Bigfork High School

How do you feel about the honor? I had mixed emotions at first, but it feels good to be recognized. I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to be student of the month.

What are your interests outside school? I love to help out in the community. I work at Rosa’s Pizza, and help out in various church activities.

I participate in the adopt a highway program, and am a member of the Bigfork High School Honors Society. In the fall to mid-winter, I am one of two managers of the Speech and Debate team.

What are your plans for the future? I desire owning my own business. At this moment there isn’t a set-in-stone plan for my future. Life changes, and I am not quite sure what I want to be, I have one more year to decide. :)

What do you like most about BHS? I love the welcoming and friendly environment. The relationship between the teachers and students is incredible, they actually put their time into knowing you and your personality. I love Bigfork High and all the students and teachers, they do a great job in making people feel right at home!

(Special thanks to BHS teacher Charlotte Ball)

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