How do you feel about the honor?

I think that it is cool that I even got nominated for it. There are so many people who do so much for the school and the community, and I was picked.

To me, everyone in this school deserves to get this honor at least once. Everyone has a talent and everyone has something that can change the world. So you know what? When we recognize these talents, everyone wins.

What are your interests outside school? I am an artist. I love drawing, painting, and all things creative. I also love reading and acting.

What are your plans for the future? I plan on going to an art school for graphic design with a minor in animation work. Then hopefully, finding a career in either graphic design or animation.

What do you like most about BHS? I love all the fine art classes that are offered. I think it is amazing that we offer so many different forms of art. It’s a creative outlet for people and a thing that I have always been able to understand from the time I was in kindergarten. I also love the people who attend this school; everyone here is so full of life and energy. These qualities are rare in today’s day and age.

(Special thanks to BHS teacher Charlotte Ball)

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