Swan River students planning ‘historic’ trips

By Sarah On May 16, 2017, the Swan River 8th graders will be going on a trip to Helena, Yellowstone, Deer lodge, and all the places in between those destinations. Mr. Emslie, their teacher, organizes this trip every year. But to go on the trip the 8th graders have to raise money by going around our local businesses and getting many donations. Almost anything you can think of can be donated. So far, they have raised about $3,000. On the trip, the 8th graders and their families will visit many historic sites like the capitol in Helena. They will also go to educational, but fun places such as the Lewis and Clark Caverns. This trip will last for four days.

Lone Pine Field Trip By Soraya On May 11, the first graders of Swan River School will be going to Lone Pine State Park. They will be taken by volunteer parents by car. Spending the afternoon exploring the great outdoors and learn about animal habitats. While the first graders are there, they will also visit the Visitor Center. During their time there, an Americorp member at Lone Pine State Park, Casey Fuson will be giving a lesson on animal habitats, too.

7th Grade Big Creek Field Trip By Levi Swan River School Newsletter On May 25 and 26, the seventh grades are going to Big Creek. The students are also going to have fun exploring with their classmates and parent chaperones in the cabins. The seventh graders will also be studying the insects of the rivers and streams with the Big Creek staff. To study the bugs they will catch the the bugs with nets, and study them.

By Naia Mrs. Fitzpatrick is taking her students on a spring hike at Holland Lake Falls. There are going to be parent volunteers to drive the students to Holland Lake Falls and they are also going to hike with Mrs. Fitzpatrick and her students. Throughout the day the students will be playing, hiking, and having fun. They would be leaving on May 30th at 8:00 am and coming back at 3:00 pm. Mrs. Fitzpatrick is offering this hike for a reward for doing their work and being good all year.



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