The Beagle meets the Otter

Thanks to our readers and advertising partners, The Bigfork Beagle begins its second volume with this issue.

You might notice a new animal in the YMO Media & Marketing zoo.

Since about Christmas 2016, folks in Lakeside and Somers asked us why they don’t get their locally owned, community newspaper.

The answer was, Bigfork asked first and we were too busy getting the Beagle from a puppy to a full-grown dog.

So, over the summer, we decided to see what advertisers, news sources and readers wanted. Frankly, much of our advertising will come from Kalispell and those advertisers loved the idea that we could “surround the lake” with a locally owned newspaper.

For those who do not know, we publish a quarterly upscale magazine called Health, Wellness & Seniors Montana and between the three, we have discovered much greater interest from regional advertisers.

For now, The Otter will piggyback on The Beagle as this progresses. Find the Otter on Page 25 (or Page 1, as we’ve dubbed it.)

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