The Little Brown Church becomes Real Life Church

The Little Brown Church just wanted to let you know what God is up to this fall here. We are striving to become a church that is real with each other, real with God, and real with our town.

Our desire is to live out our faith in all areas of our lives, not just on Sunday or around other church people as we grow to love God and love others the way that Jesus did. All of Jesus’ life was about those two things. I know that the church has not always represented ourselves in this way, and we are sorry, but please know that at our church, we are imperfect people, growing as Jesus lovers, and learning how to love practically.

The church is so much more than a building, it is a group of people. The name “The Little Brown Church” has such a wonderful history in Bigfork dating back to 1963! Before that, from 1956 to 1963 we were Valley Church. So many of us Bigforkians have attended church, funerals, weddings, or family gatherings here.

We can think back fondly of a time inside the Little Brown Church and see it in our memories. Even if you have not stepped through the doors, surely you have met in the parking lot to carpool into the Swan Valley or to go watch a movie in Kalispell with a friend.

We wanted to let you know that the group of people who are meeting at the Little Brown Church are changing to be named Real Life Church. While the building is little, and definitely brown, that does not describe WHO we are as God’s church.

Since the church IS the people, and the people are about living real life loving God and loving people, we thought it apt to have a name that reflects who we are.

We also thought, to honor the history of the Little Brown Church, the building will continue to carry that name. And let’s be real with each other- we are always going to call the building “the Little Brown Church” anyways.

On a final note, we would love to invite you to join us in what God is doing. If you have never attended a church before, please know that you are welcome to join us exactly how you are.

You do not have to have all your life put together before you come through our doors, we will love you as you are. If you have been thinking of checking our church out, we are inviting everybody who wants to know more about Real Life Church to a special service on Sunday, Sept. 10 from 9:15-10:45.

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