October Student of the Month: Senior Melissa Maitland

Sponsored by Glacier Bank

• How do you feel about the honor? I have always seen the kids who receive this honor and I think that they are all worthy of it. I find myself being happy for them and actually looking forward to congratulate them. Never would I thought that one day I could join those who are the outstanding kids in our school. I truly did not try to be a perfect student but I believe that this award is not for those who just have good grades, but for those who try to be more involved with their peers and teachers through helping them or listening to them. I find that I walk through my day and have one goal, to make people happy and be available to those who need help. I also want to thank the teacher who nominated me and those who think I am worthy of this award. • What are your interests outside school?

I have many interests. I enjoy being outside in nature and find my peace of mind out there. I also love being with animals, in specific horses. I actually train and guide trail rides for my job so I do what I love all summer long. I love to travel and see new places and people. I am a social butterfly so I can pretty much find someone to get along with anywhere I go. Music is my life outside of school. I just recently got a guitar and I love signing. I don’t care where or what type of music I can guarantee that I will love it. I also love singing because it is the easiest way for me to convey how I feel to those around me. Also my grandpa always used to sing to me so I guess I love it so much because I feel like I am continuing a tradition. One of my biggest hobbies though is my faith. The reason I am the person I am today is because of God. I love to volunteer and help those outside of school, whether that be through a food bank or just talking to someone and having an open bible study. I like to help people feel like life is not impossible if they have something to believe in.

• What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future are to be determined. I know I want to go into science. I either want to be a vet or an OB GYN. I find that my love for animals could carry me far in my future, but if later on I find that I do not think vet school is right for me, I hope that med school will be more fitting. Many people ask me why I want to go into a field where I will be dealing with pregnant women and they call me crazy, but I have reasons. First off I plan on having kids in my future and I like to know everything that is going on, so why not become a doctor. Also, I believe that if I work with babies everyday I am bound to be happy. Babies are so cute. On top of all that I can also help women who may struggle with pregnancy and make a difference in the life of a family. Helping with that would make me feel good about myself.

• What do you like most about BHS? I like that the teachers are all so close to you. When I come to school I feel as if I am going home except I have a lot of parents. Also, I like the fact that a student can go into any classroom and get help they need. The teachers are always flexible and willing to help those who need it. There are so many great teachers and so many have influenced my life and there is too many to name them all. Tudor is a great example because he has truly helped me through some of my life struggles. One of my other favorite teachers that has made me believe that BHS is a great school is Robin Shanks. She supports not only you school life but also your out of school life. I watch her help students who truly struggle with school because of their home life and she has made those kids that thought they were nothing into something. But like I said I could name so many teachers credit and all of them deserve it and I feel bad for only naming two but all the teachers at BHS have influenced my life and I thank all of them because their jobs are not worthy of the pay they receive. They deserve all the gratitude they can get for helping so many students through their teenage years.

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