Swan River School: Lights! Camera! Christmas!

Swan River School students presented a band and choir performance and a Christmas play Dec. 14. Some staff and students frantically did last-minute preparations for the concerts along with the big show.

Parents and other guests found their seats in the SRS gymnasium while others casually strolled through the cafeteria where nine boxes of food and decorated “giving trees” were displayed.

The name of the play was Lights! Camera! Christmas!

This phenomenal play was about different directors who wanted to make a movie about Santa Claus, though they all wanted different themes, like a superhero Santa or a western themed movie.

To start the evening, the fifth grade band played a few classic songs such as Jingle bells. In fifth grade, there is only one person per musical instrument, unlike other years when multiple students played one type of instrument. Once the fifth grade band finished, the middle school band preformed more classical tunes along with songs from movies like the Star Wars theme song.

After the middle school band played Sleigh Ride, the choir sang more Christmas favorites, including the hilarious song, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Once the stage was clear, the big show began and the actors filed onto the stage.

This year the annual Swan River School Christmas play was a little bit different. SRS Music Teacher Brianne Fuzesy stepped up to take full responsibility for the Christmas play.

In past years, the actors in the play were only fifth graders, practicing during school hours. This year, anyone from third to eighth grade was able to audition and practice after school.

There were 18 actors from third to sixth grade and eight third graders: Tanner Darling, Kinsey Bradstreet, Annabelle Church, Harli Hanson, Ryan Cargill, Madison Trodick, Jayden Olson, and Autumn Ocker. There were eight fourth graders: Jacob Baldi, Wade Bunker, Brigham Schow, Jaden Deans, Maddox Adamson, Shannon Woll, Jaise Olson, and Chloe Norred. There was also one fifth grader, Gabrielle Thorsen and one sixth grader, Piper Linson.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Correspondent Soraya Brevik is a Swan River School Eighth Grade student. We hope this is the first of many stories and pictures she porvides The Beagle.)

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