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(Editor’s Note: Soraya Brevik is an extremely talented and motivated eighth grade student at Swan River Middle School. She will serve as our student correspondent as long as she can put up with me.)

Lights! Camera! Christmas!

Swan River students put on a play

Swan River School students presented a band and choir performance and a Christmas play Dec. 14. Some staff and students frantically did last-minute preparations for the concerts along with the big show. Parents and other guests found their seats in the SRS gymnasium while others casually strolled through the cafeteria where nine boxes of food and decorated “giving trees” were displayed. The name of the play was Lights! Camera! Christmas! This phenomenal play was about different directors who wanted to make a movie about Santa Claus, though they all wanted different themes, like a superhero Santa or a western themed movie.

To start the evening, the fifth grade band played a few classic songs such as Jingle bells. In fifth grade, there is only one person per musical instrument, unlike other years when multiple students played one type of instrument. Once the fifth grade band finished, the middle school band preformed more classical tunes along with songs from movies like the Star Wars theme song. After the middle school band played Sleigh Ride, the choir sang more Christmas favorites, including the hilarious song, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Once the stage was clear, the big show began and the actors filed onto the stage. This year the annual Swan River School Christmas play was a little bit different. SRS Music Teacher Brianne Fuzesy stepped up to take full responsibility for the Christmas play. In past years, the actors in the play were only fifth graders, practicing during school hours. This year, anyone from third to eighth grade was able to audition and practice after school. There were 18 actors from third to sixth grade and eight third graders: Tanner Darling, Kinsey Bradstreet, Annabelle Church, Harli Hanson, Ryan Cargill, Madison Trodick, Jayden Olson, and Autumn Ocker. There were eight fourth graders: Jacob Baldi, Wade Bunker, Brigham Schow, Jaden Deans, Maddox Adamson, Shannon Woll, Jaise Olson, and Chloe Norred. There was also one fifth grader, Gabrielle Thorsen and one sixth grader, Piper Linson. Students make giving trees During school hours, each class in Swan River School was given a tomato cage and box from the PTO. The classes were to decorate the tomato cage as their own version of “The Giving Tree.” The decorated trees and boxes were put on display in the cafeteria.The reason for these boxes is to allow nine families a christmas dinner, complete with a turkey donated by Harvest Foods with other food items donated by students. Other years there has been a contest on the best box and there was no theme to the decoration of the boxes. This year however, there was no competition though it was just as fun. Once the Christmas play was done, Santa came to give out candy canes to all the students. The students look forward to getting a candy cane from Santa each year and swarm around him, trying to wait patiently for a candy cane. This tradition always brings joy to the young and old.

Swan students -- Enjoy a giant and a troll

Swan River school’s kindergarten through fifth grade students and teachers watched “Jack and the Giant” at the Bigfork Playhouse on Jan. 26,

To get to and from the school and playhouse, the school borrowed two buses for the first through fifth graders, while the kindergarteners rode with their parents. The reason parents volunteered to drive the students was because the buses needed to return before the play would end. In fear of not being able to finish for the play, these arrangements were made. The buses the first through fifth graders were in, stayed until the play was over. The first grader’s favorite character in Jack and the Giant was the giant, played by Caleb Karow. Some of the younger students also found the troll was a bit scary. Students, “Had lots of fun,” said First Grade Teacher Mrs. Brevik. There were other Swan River students participating in the play and the production. These students were Emma Patton, Hailee Elwell, Avery Johnston, Wyatt Elwell, Naomi Elwell, and Jake Baldi. Swan River students said they look forward to going to the Bigfork Playhouse.

Skate and swim...a long field trip

Swan River School’s sixth, seventh, and eighth graders went to Woodland Park Skating Rink and the Montana Athletic Club on Jan. 12. At 8:15, the Swan River middle school was full of frantic students and teachers, getting the last preparations for the annual Skate and Swim field trip. By 8:30, the middle schoolers were leaving the school and getting on the school busses. Two busses were needed to get the middle schoolers from one place to the other. The eighth graders got on the first bus, a yellow school bus, but they needed to get back off the bus to the second bus which was blue. That way the seventh and sixth graders could be on one bus while the eighth graders rode the fancier bus. When the two busses reached Woodland Park Skating Rink, the middle schoolers took their bags off the bus and got their ice skates. The middle schoolers were allowed to bring their own skates so they could go straight to the locker rooms and start skating right away. During the time the middle schoolers were skating, there were games going on for the students to participate in. On one side a hockey game was being played while on the other side students could play games of tag or just skate around. Hot chocolate was ready for the middle schoolers in the locker rooms and word spread quickly and students rushed to get a cup of cocoa. Once finished with skating, the middle schoolers got on the bus at ate their lunches. At the MAC, the girls and boys went into the locker rooms and changed their clothes for swimming or playing a game like basketball or racquetball. The basketball and racquetball courts were reserved for the middle schoolers. In the gym, games of lightning were played while others shot baskets. Other students played racquetball and a game of four square in the two racquetball courts. When it neared the time to go, students packed their things and got back on the busses. When they reached the school, parents were already waiting in the parking lot. Nearly five minutes after their arrival, the middle schoolers were dismissed and were headed home, tired from all the fun they had in going on the annual Skate and Swim field trip.

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