Bigfork: Eat Organically

Hi all! I'm excited to see you all Tomorrow night, Thursday, at the VFW meeting room (across from Harvest foods)

Please arrive by 6:00 to get set up with any table info. Come early to dine if you like. I will be there by 5. Please invite all farmers and buyers, restauranteurs, etc.

Here is the Schedule:

•Presenters: Gretchen Boyer of Nourish the Flathead’s Farmhands online map showing farms around the valley. 20 min,

•Organic farmers:

Julia and Ted Wycall: the new “Mountain Kind Farm” and food stand on Hwy 82 (2 new red quonsets), 15 min

Wade and Shelli Reidsdell: Yellow Bay gardens, 5-10

Mandy Gerth: Lower Valley Farm, 5-10

Brooke Bohanan: Wicked Good farms, 5-10

Bob Storer: Rose Creek Ranch, 2 min

•Bigfork Village Market group about the exciting new Mondays at Brookside Cafe. 4-6 min

•Businesses serving local foods:

Anna McCabe of The Simple Chef Catering, 3-5

Great Northern Gourmet, 3-5

Open mic for farmers, comments, questions 1-2 min. each.

15-20 min chat time, sign ups,

Movie will begin around 8:30, I will play parts of the movie at the beginning as folks file in between 6 and 6:30.

Thank you all so much for coming out and participating in this Toastmaster’s inspired “Bigfork Speaks” event. Skilled speaking is key to our civilization!

Toastmasters is here to serve the community to enhance speaking and leadership skills in all fields from work, events, podcasts, you tube/TV, trainings, political discussions, special occasions, education, etc.

Our initial practice is of 10 speaking tips for more effective communication. We count filler words or ring a bell any time a filler word is used: “Ums" and “Ah"s, So, like, Ya knows! On gal gave a talk about a new website and used 160 So’s in 15 minutes. Or the gal on farm taxes said “Uh” 289 times. These are distractions. Tip #1, tap your foot or take a pause for effect, or a breath if you feel tempted to use a Filler Word. :)

Other things we learn in a fun and safe environment are organizing your speech, economy of words, vocal variety, hand gestures/body language, researching etc. We would love you to join us for regular meetings, each 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at Bigfork Glacier Bank downstairs, Noon to 1 prompt. Great speeches from passionate speakers, all working on personal development and leadership skills.

Call me for any info or help,

Kelly Ware 314-3808

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