Student of the Month Josephine Howlett

How do you feel about the honor?

I feel very honored to be recognized as student of the month. It’s not always that teachers will see you doing good things and to be recognized for it, and frankly I didn’t think I was doing a lot of things to be noticed for. But it’s still pretty great to be student of the month.

What are your interests outside school? I love to play volleyball, compete in speech and debate, and just being all around athletic. I enjoy doing community service and working with kids because I can give back to my community.

What are your plans for the future? I plan to be somewhere in the medical fields, whether it be in physical therapy or chiropractic, I haven’t decided. Frankly, as long as I’m happy and healthy, I’ll be content with wherever I go.

What do you like most about BHS? I love the new school and I love my teachers. They are all so kind and willing to help me when I ask a million questions. My favorite class is journalism and if it weren’t for the Norse Code, I don’t know where I’d be today!

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