Free pasta dinner had Swan River students twirling

People entered the building, welcomed by the smell of spaghetti. A line came to be as more people arrived, hungry as the day slowly came to a close. Students waited as their guests entered the cafeteria and hall of Swan River School.

After preparing and collecting donations, the final fundraiser for the eighth-grade class was here, the annual Spaghetti Dinner: A night where families in the community could come to Swan River School to have a free dinner.

Through the night, a raffle and silent auction took place, allowing the guests to win and bid on the donated items the eighth graders collected.

During school hours, the eighth-grade class setup for the event. Split into groups the students set tables up in the cafeteria and hall Other groups brought the donations for the raffle into the cafeteria and the silent auction items into the cafeteria. Still, another group set up the sound system for the announcers speaking that night. Working for two periods of their day, the eighth graders were ready for the Spaghetti Dinner, as they already had their assigned jobs for the two hours at the fundraiser.

At the end of the school day, the students were dismissed, going home to change into presentable clothing. The students were required to be back to the school at 4:45 pm. so they could do the last preparations before people arrived at 5 p.m.

At 4:45, Nya, an eighth grader, announced what the dinner was for and began the raffle. Name after name was called with the occasional cheer while people claimed their prize. While the raffle continued, more tickets were bought and the announcers switched places.

Nya and Delaney were the two eighth graders who were brave enough to speak in front of everyone.

At the end of the dinner, parents and students stayed to clean up and put back tables, finishing in nearly record time. In having the dinner over, the eighth graders finally were done raising money for their History Trip around the state of Montana.

The next Monday, they counted the money raised from the dinner totaling over $14,000. They reached their goal and are now set for the preparation of their trip.

As for the people who made the dinner possible, Swan River would like to thank them all. If it weren’t for the local business who donated items, the dinner wouldn’t have gone on. That is the same for the parents and everyone who attended the dinner, supporting the eighth-grade class.

(Editor’s Note: I want to thank the contributions of our first Student Correspondent, Soraya Brevik. Finding talented writers is hard enough but finding those who really like to write, want to learn to write better - let alone actually writing - is rare. In just one year and with very little coaching, Soraya has already shown great improvement and, I am exited to say, when she moves on to Bigfork High School this Fall, we hope she will continue to submit her stories and pictures. No telling how great she will be when she is off to college in a short four years. Vince Lovato, Editor)

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