Beagle Bowling Results

Results provided by Pick’s Bowling Center Monday Night Mix scratch: Sep 1st-Sep 24th 1st place: Grumpy’R Old men 2nd place: Eff’N Kobers

High Avg. mens: Dakota H 228, Ryan K 199, Ron F 191 High Avg. Womens: Jamie E 197, Patti C 174, Tanya T 166 High Game mens: Dakota H 288, Ryan K 253, Adam K 244, Gary H 244 High Game womens: Jamie E 223, Patti C 197, Maureen H 189

Tuesday Night Handicap: 1st place: The Lighthouse 2nd place: Shock-N-Awe High Avg. mens: Gary H 195, Mitch J 174, Dan S 170 High avg. Womens: Bev M 157, Lorraine H 152, Randi J 148 High Handicap Game mens: Reed D 268, Stu L 262, Wes H 253 High handicap Game womens: Karen W 257, Janice C 250, Diane K 250

Wednesday Night handicap: 1st team: Bitneys Irish Thunder 2nd team: The Screwballs High Avg Mens: Dan S 204, Dave H 179, Larry F 176 High avg Womens: Tanya T 170, Teresa C 151, Maureen H 150 High Game mens: Don S 241, Larry F 221, Banyon P 212 High Game womens: Teresa C 195, Patty D 194, Tanya T 190

Thursday Afternoon Handicap: 1st place: Some Beaches 2nd place: Alley Kats High Avg mens: Gust K 171, Richard B 165, Larry H 161 High Avg Womens: Bev M 163, Isola D 148, Karen S 147 High Handicap Game mens: Bob M 249, Paul C 247, Roxy C 244 High Handicap game womens: Nancy L 289, Karen S 269, Gloria C 267

Thursday Night scratch: 1st place: That MT Touch 2nd Place: Picks Bowling Center High Avg Mens: Zac W 229, Kyle H 208, Dave P 207 High Avg womens: Mary K 163, Bev O 161 High Game mens: Zac W 268, Deven D 267, Jeremy K 256 High Game womens: Mary K 205, Bev O 186

Pick’s Hours Open Bowling Hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. - Midnight Sunday Noon to 8 p.m. Bar, Casino and Snack Bar: Open Daily at 11 a.m. Please check our Facebook page as we will open up bowling for rainy days. Plan your Parties at Pick’s Pick’s is perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, reunions and business events. We have a full bar and casino available too.

Pick’s and The Beagle are looking for sponsors for this page and a planned youth bowling group. Please send your interest to

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