Swan River School News & Notes

No Benches In The Hallways

This year Swan River School officials decided to take out all of their elementary school benches for many reasons. Why, you might ask, did they remove the benches? First, for many years when they had the benches some kids with tall boots could not fit their boots under the bench, so multiple pairs of boots were found scattered around the hallways. Now that the benches are gone, any size of boot can fit under the coats. Second, when there were benches you couldn’t walk close to the edge of the hallway. If multiple classes were walking down at the same time you would bump your knee on the bench. Now that the benches are gone you can go to the very edge of the hallway and not bump your knee. Lastly, moving the benches out was helpful because now they have benches for Outdoor ED. However when they moved the benches out, doing so also created some cons. First, some kids have to sit down to take of their boots, but now that the benches are gone they cannot. Next, there is nowhere for kids to set their bags and other Items that either won’t fit in their bag or they don’t want it on the ground. In conclusion, taking away the benches was good and bad, but the majority of students believe it is mostly on the good side.

Tatum Holman is SRS’s new student correspondent

That’s right! Her father and grandfather were students at SRS. Tatum was born in North Carolina while her father served as a Fighter Pilot and Major in the United States Air Force. She moved to Bigfork in 2014 where she jumped right into first grade at SRS. Tatum loves riding her horse, Slippers, when she’s not creating slime. Cool fact, Slippers was once owned by one of the amazing teachers at SRS. Tatum loves our town and can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing things that happen at Swan River School and in the community. To submit a calendar item or story idea to Tatum, send an email to bigforkbeagle@gmail.com and put TATUM in the subject line. You can also visit bigforkbeagle.com or the Facebook page.


Dear Swan River Community, As both principal and a parent, I am delighted to be part of Swan River School. My family and I have lived in the Bigfork area for several years. Prior to joining Swan River School, I had been teaching for nine years in nearby Kalispell and in far-away Las Vegas, Nevada. I very much enjoy working in the field of education and making a positive difference in the lives of young people. I believe public schools have a significant role in supporting families and communities to ensure the success of our society now and into the future. I feel privileged to join you and the Swan River staff in that endeavor. Sincerely, Marc Bunker, Principal

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