DEAR SANTA...From Mrs. Brevik's Class

From Mrs. Brevik’s First Graders at Swan River School

(See the drawings in the slideshow above)

Dear Santa, I just want to tell you what I want when I see you. From, Ronny

Dear Santa Claus, I have been being good for my mom and dad. I want a unicorn. From, Briella

Dear Santa Claus, I have not been good. I will try to be better. I am sorry I have been bad. Will you forgive me? I want a puppy, please and thank you. From, Matthew

Dear Santa Claus, I have been really good and whenever my mom asks me to make my bed I will do it. Will you please get me an American Girl doll? From, Ann

Dear Santa Claus, I have been good for you. I would like a Playstation, please. From, Spencer

Dear Santa Claus, I don’t want anything from you. I just want my mom to come downstairs and stop cleaning the toy room so she can spend time with us. From, Shyne

Dear Santa Claus, I want a hoverboard and roller skates and a telescope and a gulping alligator. Santa, I have been very good and have been respectful. From, Micah

Dear Santa, I have been a really good girl at school and at home. I have been really wanting an American Girl doll because I have been very helpful around the house. I really, really want a doll named Charlotte because I have been trying to be nice to my friends. From, Brooklyn

Dear Santa Claus, I have been a good girl this week and it’s my birthday today. I want to help my mom and so I deserve a Five LOL. From, Maddie

Dear Santa Claus, I been so good this year, I even picked up my bedroom by myself. When you come this year I want a robot tiger and I want an American Girl doll. From, Katia

Dear Santa Claus, I am trying to be good. I want a house for me to fit in and a table for me to sit and chairs. I want a tub to fit in and I want a sink in the bathroom and a light too, please Santa. From, Akina

Dear Santa, You are amazing! I deserve a boomerang. I’ve done good things. From, Paxon

Dear Santa, I have been good. I am sad because I have been bad at home. Please forgive me. If you do forgive me I would like a BB gun and a punching bag. I do not know if you would give me a present. From, Soleil

Dear Santa, I would love a big, big teddy bear and I have a pretty big bear. I deserve it because I clean my room when it’s messy. From, Olivia

Dear Santa Claus, I have been a good boy. Could I have a race car with a track? Love, Calvin

Dear Santa Claus, I have been good, also a little naughty. I want a Hatchimal, also a Hatchimal Clubhouse, also a Hatchimal Clubhouse Hide-Out and a reindeer friend for Comet, but most of all I want my family to be happy. From, Maggie

Dear Santa Claus, I am a very good boy. I deserve a headset, please. From, Ian

Dear Santa Claus, I want nothing. From, Levi

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