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The most amazing reindeer Christmas!

A Christmas story and drawing by Tatum Holman Once upon a time there was a reindeer named Tinsel. Tinsel was a very joyful reindeer who loved Christmas.

She lived in a small field with a little bit of woods at the end of it, in the town of Bigfork. Tinsel had many Christmas traditions.

First, she gets to pull sleds and sleighs for the humans. When she pulls the sleds she loves to swerve around in the snow. One time someone even fell off the sled into the fluffy white snow but it was OK because they were all right.

Second, Tinsel and her family love to invite a lot of there friends and family over, for a reindeer party at their den to celebrate Christmas and play in the snow.

The last family tradition Tinsel has, is decorating a tree with snowballs and icicles. Everyone participates in decorating the same tree, even though a lot of us have different traditions and we don’t all celebrate Christmas.

Tinsel had a great Christmas, and I hope you do too. Merry Christmas!

Popsicle sticks and glue guns

By Tatum Holman, Student Correspondent

It was a crisp Saturday morning and girls were gathering in the library at Swan River School to meet up with Pam Choco for Girls only craft day. The girls walked in, and on the table sat wooden popsicle sticks, striped yarn, and a hot glue gun. Time to get creative! The girls grabbed some yarn and some sticks and started crafting.

Some girls went for big designs and some went for small, but they all turned out Fantastic. The creativity in their designs was mesmerizing. No two projects looked the same, they were all very unique, thank you Mrs. Pam for organizing it all for us. What a great opportunity for young girls like me to embrace their creativity!

It was all for kids at annual Harvest Fair

By Tatum Holman, Student Correspondent Balloons lined the fence and tall, colorful bounce houses were full of laughing, jumping kids.

It was a sunny Saturday morning and people were gathering outside of Swan River School for the annual Harvest Fair. There was cotton candy, bungy jumping, a rock climbing wall and toddler games.

One of the coolest parts of this year’s harvest party was there was a small area just for kids 7 and under called Toddler Town, run by Swan River School sixth graders. Swan River School Harvest Party even had a chance to win a helicopter ride provided by Montana Air Adventures.

There was one lucky winner for a helicopter ride. They got to fly around Bigfork and even got to see their house from the helicopter. At Swan River School Harvest Party, the PTO had a 5/5/5 raffle. If you don’t know what a 5/5/5 Raffle is it means 5 prizes, 5 dollars a ticket, and 5 chances to win. Each and every one of the students at Swan River School got to sell tickets to their family and friends for the raffle.

Prizes were donated by members and local businesses in our community. Over all the Swan River School Harvest Party was a very fun experience for everyone.

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