Kudos to Rep. Hertz and Spectrum Mobile

Once again, kudos for Rep. Greg Hertz.

I sent out an email to 11 politicians and four state agencies regarding a concern I had over protecting my personal information.​​

And, again, only one responded by directly contacting the company I had issues with and asking their government affairs manager to contact me directly.

Within a few hours of sending the email, I was contacted and a few days later, all was well.

Here's the backstory:

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to take advantage of Spectrum's new mobile service. I had the fabulous internet and phone service for four years and I loved it. But, when Spectrum offered internet clients a cell phone deal with unlimited talk and text and 14GB WIFI plus use of its free WIFI hot spots all over the country, I decided to ditch the $19.99 land line and my former cell phone service, and go with the Spectrum package that came with a new phone and cost almost exactly the same cost.

Great idea, but when I tried to seal the deal, the operator asked me to email copies of my driver license and address and/or social security number.

I could drone on about the specifics but, having been a victim of ID theft before, I decided to nix the deal and write about my concerns to the aforementioned players.

I first received a call from Spectrum's Montana HQ from Mary, who said she was the Government Affairs Director.

When she figured out what my issue was, she had a Spectrum admin in Texas (I think) named Roy, contact me. Roy and a talked for a while and he admitted that my concerns were valid. (Basically, emailing or faxing someone's ID and home address or SS# didn't validate someone's ID) He said they had concerns from others and were trying to figure out a way to do it better and more safely for both parties.

He then jumped into the network, validated my ID using records Spectrum already had and some personal questions only me and the IRS would know.

That day, I was told, my spiffy LG Stylo 4 with a 6-inch touch screen, 2 GB RAM, 16GB storage running Android 8.1, was shipped from Texas.

It arrived via FedEx a day ahead of schedule and within 20 minutes, it was turned on, charging and activated.

I've had it a week and the service and phone have been flawless. The Google Assistant makes it easy to use while driving because my maps, text software, and phone calling software all work hands-free.

Last thing, our Spectrum internet service gives us download speeds of almost 100mbps via ethernet and more than 80mbps over our 5G WIFI modem.


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