Results of last Town Maul poll are in


(Below is an email from the Bigfork Town Maul Cabal. The Editor's comments follow.)


We wanted to share the first write-ups from the last Town Hall. As you know, we are volunteers, funding this out of our own pockets, so thank you for your patience! Here are the links to the first 5 of the 10 challenges we discussed: (Click a link to get the details. We will post them all here, with commentary, when we have more time.)

Also, please make sure you have marked your calendar for March 9 Town Hall. You will have an opportunity to explore a topic that you care about more depth, decide how you want to be involved and begin creating an action plan together. And, because affordable housing and growth/open space came up as topics from the community, we wanted to let you know about an upcoming Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee hearing on Thursday, February 21, at 4 pm at Bethany Lutheran Church. There is a new subdivision proposal for the Eslick property on Highway 35, just north of Bigfork for commercial and residential lots. There will be an opportunity for public comment. In gratitude and we hope to see you on March 9, Jen, Chuck, Chase, Claude, Karin and Chaney

(We will soon release more details about who these self-appointed demigods are. These people were not selected by anyone but themselves and already and a pseudo-nonprofit established with a mission statement and other formal documents BEFORE THEY HELD ONE MEETING! BTW -- Notice how they don't give their last names? Because they are so self-important that everyone should know their names, or should, Or, like most of the Chamber Clique and its covertly operated sub-agencies, they simply don't want us to know.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Each one of these five topics mentions services the community needs that The Beagle and other entities already provide, or can provide.

Instead of the Chamber Clique ignoring and slandering me, the entire community has, and would benefit greatly, from using the resources we have established over the last three years.

NOT ONCE since August of 2015 has any chamber board member responded to any emails, phone messages or requests for meetings.


Not once did they want to speak with the publisher of a unique and valued service and owner of a new business to see how we could be mutually beneficial to each other and the community.


The one time we offered an olive branch to join the chamber, it was rejected.


Yet the ugliest part is a matter of simple personal ethics. While deciding from before the Beagle existed to ignore a new business in town (no one even tried to recruit The Beagle to join!!!!).


Please remember, for the first three years, The Beagle never wrote, printed or posted anything that was in any way controversial or injurious to any person or organization and, in fact, just the opposite. Yet, I have solid proof from several first-hand witnesses, emails, and social media that certain members of the Chamber Clique told businesses to pull their advertising and/or not advertise or even circulate a free source of local-only news.


Anyway, the week I spoke out about Chany Ockert and her Chamber Cabal, these advertisers pulled or declined to renew: Bigfork Tools, The UPS Store (Where we still do business), Glacier Bank (WHERE THE BEAGLE BANKS!!!!!!), Realtor Jennifer Shelley.

My renewal as a member of the Bigfork Business Professionals was declined by President Heidi Olson, then-GM of Bigfork Rocky Mountain Bank and now with LendUS, and Rick Bagley, owner of The Blind Guy and one of the leaders of the charge to slander me. Ironically, he is married to Jen Bagley, who is one of the demigods organizing the Town Maul group and publicly slandered me in front of at least 12 witnesses. All I ever did was help the Bagleys. They have busted me out of everything and I never did anything but try to help them. When one of their customers came to me to complain about them, I suggested the customer go talk to Rick and Jen. I wish they had the same respect and humanity towards me. Here I was congratulating Rick on Social Media and in person, and he smiled in my face, shook my hand, and used the other to stab me in the back. And these people accuse ME of being lecherous!

Anyway, I regularly attended the Bigfork Rotary Club and reported monthly on its meetings. Until I got one of the most insensitive, groundless and misguided letters ever from past President Diana Rahdert, a real estate broker at Bigfork Re/Max. It said I could no longer attend a meeting, or report on anything the Rotary Club did because, she alleged, I misreported a story about how the Rotary and other groups were trying to help homeless students in the local system. Huh? The letter and commands weren't even approved by the board.

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