Town Hall's new agenda? Let's hold them to it! We support pursuing this list of goals


Following are the results, and ostensible goals, of the recent Bigfork Town Maul group's own survey.

If the group pursues these goals, THE BEAGLE SUPPORTS THIS GROUP 100%!!!

* Affordable Housing * Affordable Youth Facilities * Creating a Sustainable Future * Economic Opportunities for Younger Generation * Growth & Open Space * Law Enforcement Presence * Public Access to Lake Seasonality/Full-Time Amenities * Trails and Sidewalks * Working with Flathead County.

Now we have to hold them to it! (I would add fire service but it's not my list.)

My prediction, having sat in on many of these meetings, is that this group originally, and without public approval, wants to create this movement to facilitate securing funding from governments, grants, matching funds and donations for the sole purpose OF PROMOTING TOURISM-BASED BUSINESSES with money that should be used for public services and facilities.

This is an elaborate, but plausible, attempt to create a tourism and convention agency, hiring Chaney Okert as the G.M., and her hand-picked pals while creating an "elected" board of directors that will certainly include organizers Jennifer (Riska) Bach, Karin Henion, Chuck Shields, Chany Ockert, Chase Averill and Claude Boiteau


Even if all of the vicious, underhanded, slanderous, mean-spirited things they have accused me of are true, just look at other groups that have swallowed up and fundamentally changed the fabric of the little towns they claim to "represent."

In these towns, the tourists become more important than the residents and, eventually, interlopers from urban cities take political control of the area, forcing up the cost of living and financially excluding regular folks. In fact, in Bigfork, that trend is already happening.

The Beagle supports democratically formed and governed municipal groups that can help access more funds to help rural areas with services and facilities they need but often can't afford.

My experience with these Bigfork community groups over the last three years is that they are hyper-focused on creating and marketing events that bring as many tourists in to town as possible. Many of these business owners don't even live here, and the ones who do, live in an insulated, echo chamber where they pat themselves on the back and believe they are the demigods who are much less important than they think they are.

Despite their vicious, unfounded and unrelenting attack on me and their overt and organized attempts to drive The Beagle out of business, I support any organization that will pursue the goals listed above.

So here is the one thing The Beagle can agree with the Town Maul (I also like Town Haul Cabal) group: GET INVOLVED!!!! Groom your candidates. Elect regular folks and year-round business owners to this board and its mysterious sub-committees.

Take control of your town's future or it will control you.

As for my further suspicions of this group, since the time we founded The Beagle, a handful of Chamber board members has ignored, slandered and purposely blackballed me for reasons I still can't comprehend except to say that The Beagle was founded to serve the residents of Bigfork and not the tourists who visit here and that flies directly in the face of the goals of these small-minded clique members.

The vast majority of Chamber members and even board members mean well but are blinded by the work and insulated from the wishes of regular folks.

#BudgetBlinds #BigforkChamber #BigforkTownHall #Tourism #AffordableHousing

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