Tatum looks back...and ahead

2018-19 Overlook And A Heads Up For Next Year!

This year at Swan River School, was an amazing time. There were so many amazing events that happened this year and the were all so much fun. Events like the Harvest Party, to Worrier Palooza, to the Great Big Holiday Bake Off.

Each year at Swan River the PTO and the School Staff find some way to make the already amazing events even better.

I love writing for the Bigfork Beagle. It gives me a chance to appreciate even more how many awesome events we have here at Swan River.

What will the PTO decide to do next year? No one knows but we know it will be awesome.

So stay tuned until next year and you will find out what happens next.

Thank you for reading my articles this year, and have a great summer!

(Editor's Note: Tatum just finished fifth grade and her first year as a student correspondent. It was a great experience for our readers and a benefit to the school and we look forward to her future contributions.)

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