Christmas Shoeboxes

From Samantha Jones

American Heritage Girls

Hi my name is Samantha Jones and I’m a trailblazer with American Heritage Girls. For my Dolley Madison leadership project I needed to plan and implement a community service project.

I chose to work with Operation Christmas Child, because I have packed boxes in the past and always thought having a party would be even more fun. I started gathering items for the boxes in the spring. My mom and grandma helped me find good deals on crayons, school supplies and toys. A store went out of business and gave my grandma hundreds of socks. A man makes wooden cars every year for OCC and I received 100 of them from him.

Operation Christmas Child is an organization started by Franklin Graham to show children all over the world the tangible love of Jesus. Boxes are packed by individuals, families and at packijng parties like mine. They are then sent all over the world to children in need, and its the first time they may hear about God and how much he loves them.

The party was a huge success, my goal was 100 boxes and we packed 109! Thanks to the Living Church at Lakeside for hosting the event. We also had a special guest who told us her story of receiving a shoe box when she was a child in Moldova. All of us loved hearing her story and it was cool to know that each shoebox impacts someone, and God has a plan for every single box.

I am thankful to OCC Northwest, Cheryl Peirson for encouraging me along the way, everyone who came, and my family for helping so much.

My goal for next year is 200 boxes, and I hope I can have many more people participate!!

Samantha Jones 15 years old

Patriot- American Heritage Girls

Troop Trailblazer

Lakeside, MT

(See more photos below)

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